I will take a day in winter. 観光シーズン到来 ホテルは冬季間はお休みです。

       Open 25/04/2020~11/10/2020

It is hotel owner Kouji Tanaka.In summer tourism season we are doing it from customer's transfer to reservation, front work, room cleaning, cooking, miscellaneous work alone.In the winter when the sightseeing season ends, we go out south of the country's beaches and urban.During the current winter season, around  Croatia by car rental for about two weeks ...A week after Christmas, I wandered around with my family with my wife and one year old grandson at warm Cebu and Bohol Island from Christmas. I spent time living in the jungle of a warm country and sleeping on the beach, but ...?In the case ofIt is almost time for spring  Lake Towada to relax. In addition, the sightseeing season will start from the cherry blossom season next month.I am looking forward to seeing what kind of domestic and foreign torists are there. If you are free, come to Towada Lake Towadako Hostel and relax .










I have a craft shop YUZURUHA,which my wife is managing, during the day.
Craft shop YUZURIHA 
open 10:00-17:00
from hire 10munutes on foot